Rigid Boxes


Rigid setup boxes are a popular choice for many retail-oriented industries. Because of their high-quality appearance and durability. Gifts,Electronics, Cosmetics, Apperal and other premium products.

Benefit of Rigid Boxes
-Higher perceived product value by the consumer. (luxury looking box=better quality product)-Can provide high resolutions printing.
-Can display attractive embossing and foil stamping 
-Can be made from recycling materials. 
-Rigid boxes are stronger and more durable. (consumer can use it for another purpose so they will keep your brand  even after purchase)
-Rigid boxes (%90) do not require setup for product fulfillment.
-Palle art is doing handmade rigid boxes that’s why our slogan is ‘not the only box, it is the box of art’. The other benefit is minimum quantity is quite low compared to other manufacturers.

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